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  1. PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge

    Physics & The Big Questions — How can something come out of nothing? Believe it or not, some scientists say they can explain how the Big Bang popped out of empty space. We’ll explore the cutting edge of physics and consider what it means for religion and the meaning of life.

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  2. Why Aren’t More Girls Attracted To Physics? : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Even as the gender divide in some areas of science has diminished, a stubborn gap has persisted in high school physics. A new study finds that girls are more likely to take physics if they see women in their communities working in science, technology, engineering and math.

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  3. Mustang Physics, April 2011: Sonifying Subatomic Physics

    On this episode of “Mustang Physics,” Matt Bellis (Stanford University) discusses his spontaneous collaboration with both physicists and non-physicists that has turned particle collision data into music with the goal of giving new communities an experience with physics data. “Mustang Physics” is your gateway into the world of physics and the lives and thoughts of physicists.

    Matt Bellis is a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University. He works on the BaBar Experiment at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. He presented the SMU Physics Department Seminar on March 7, 2011, where he discussed his work on the search for fundamental symmetry violations that might explain our asymmetric cosmos. He spoke with me about his effort to use particle physics data to produce music. This effort would allow whole new communities to experience and use particle physics data.

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