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  1. Hour of Slack #1211 - Rerun of #951 7X-Day, 2004

    Puzzling Evidence show from KPFA, 7-9-04, has Dr. Hal and Philo Drummond reporting on their 7X-Day adventures… from this skeleton we hung documentary recordings from 7X-Day. Some audio is from the StangCam and other is from Pater Nostril’s soundboard. Clips from the 7X-Day shows at WREK Atlanta’s "Bob’s Slacktime Funhouse" with The Lymph Node Institute and Rev. Susie the Floozy further illustrate the promise and tragedy of X-Day.

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  2. Hour of Slack #1210 - Live 6-21-09 Pre-X-Day

    Excitement, anticipation and severe brain damage mark this episode recorded live at the WCSB studio, as Stang, Lonesome Cowboy Dav, Princess Wei and numerous collagiasts and singers prepare for the upcoming end of Pink Human civilization on July 5. Includes a marvelous collage by Rev. Susie the Floozie about "Bob" Dobbs, X-Day and the Church of the SubGenius. Odd note: this particular show was videotaped by a director who was in town getting footage for an authorized documentary about DEVO. At least, the part that happened in the studio was videotaped.

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  3. Hour of Slack #1209

    AMAZING! Some NEW X-Day hymns (including one sung, yes, SUNG by Rev. Susie the Floozie!) are intercut with about 50 of our favorite bits and pieces related to the end of all normal human reality, scheduled for this July 5. We’re getting ready to head for Brushwood in New York for the big blast-off party, so from here on out, except for a live show next week, The Hour of Slack will probably henceforth always be in reruns, forever. Unless we’re stood up again by the Xists and "Bob." This is only the 12th time we will have gathered out there at 7 a.m., faithfully awaiting Their Arisal.

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  4. Hour of Slack #1207 - The Human Condition, Puzzling Evidence and Cool Band Names

    The May 22, 2009 Puzzling Evidence Show from KPFA Berkeley with host Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Hal, Dr. Philo Drummond and caller Phineas Narco forms the skeleton for this episode. The meat draped over these bones includes collages by our old pals LeMur and Norel Pref, as well as The Kleptones and Cuttlefish, but the "organs" are some new songs (and one old) by Little Fyodor, Ari Sponge, Max Slack, and Nenslo. Yes, NENSLO! Dozens of new band names are invented.

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  5. Hour of Slack #1206 — Wallowing with “Bob”

    Praise "Bob," for here we have a truly all-purpose, no-theme/all-themes salad of SubGenius sources. We’ve been in reruns or live shows for so long that quite a nice stack of short clips by beloved Church of the SubGenius Audio Soldiers has piled up. This episode scavenges from Radio Synesthesia (Cleveland) and Puzzling Evidence (Berkeley), with collages from our favorite insane clip editors keeping the two SubGenius shows far enough apart that they won’t squabble and get into fights. One solitary oldie, a gospel song by Rev. Onan Canobite, is the sole anchor to familiarity.

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  6. norelpref compendium #80

    a concatenation of sound collage, audio slack, music and other sonic experimentation. Most shows are an hour or so in length.

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  7. Hour of Slack #1203 — Rerun of #276: “Bob”/Gulf War (1991)

    We have indeed gone BACK IN TIME again. This is a rerun of Episode #276, from 1991. We’re in Week 5 of the 8-week SubGenius History/How to Run Your Own Cult online class at MaybeLogic Academy, hence the reruns. Also, the Conspiracy has been keeping Dave from getting to the station. But these old shows have their own special charm. For instance, the George Bush you’ll hear us refer to in this is actually the FIRST one — not the relatively recent George Bush with the war, but an older one, with a slightly different war.

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  8. norelpref compendium #79

    66 minutes of sound collage and other aural mayhem. Many pundits and membots skewered.

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  9. Hour of Slack #1201 — Jesus & X-Day Are Coming

    The "Bob" praisin’ takes a temporary backseat to the promise of human-enslaving and rival cult bashing. X-DAY IS COMING! And we won’t let you forget it, any more than the Christians will let you forget about Jesus. Luckily, we have on hand a solid mass of new material on both those subjects: superb collages, mash-ups and blabberclips from many fine audio arteests and bigmouths. Otherwise, this would have been a rerun, since we are still hard at work on the SubGenius Online Class at Maybe Logic Academy.

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  10. Hour of Slack #1200 - Rerun of #530 - Dobbson Flies Vs. Dave Men (1996)

    The SubGenius History Class is a good reason for reruns, and this is one of our favorites, from the days when Hour of Slack merged with Chas Smith’s ESO Swamp Radio on WCSB. Lonesome Cowboy Dave is razzed and tortured by Stang (and defended by Wei) while Chas plays his ass off on several synthesizers. (Two songs spontaneously generate themselves.) This episode is particularly skewed towards paleontology and paleoanthropology, because Stang and Wei had visited the Cleveland Natural History Museum earlier in the day. The museum actually does display the jawbone of a Yeti, incidentally, and the Dobbson Fly is a real insect.

    —Huffduffed by norelpref 5 years ago

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