This Week in Science - 10 March, 2009

Chickosaurus!, Horsing Around, The Moon Rules, Religious Brains, Cells and Ladders, Asteroids, Moonlets, and Holes, Oh, My!, Optimism, Naptime, and Avoiding Old Age, and The Question of the Month Minion Style.

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  1. This Week in Science - 05 May, 2009

    from This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast by Kirsten Sanford Remote Control Brains, Making Blood Crawl, Birdsong Basics, This Week in Science History, Drink To Your Sanity, and an Interview with Dr. Leonard Mlodinow re: The Drunkard’s Walk.

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  2. Triangulation 109 | TWiT.TV

    Dr. Kirsten Sanford is a science expert with a PhD in neurophysiology, specializes in avian learning, and hosts the radio show "This Week in Science".

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  3. Open Science: Create, Collaborate, Communicate

    From South by Southwest Interactive 2010:

    From discovering galaxies to folding proteins: how to actively contribute to science. Science projects are harnessing open collaboration to further discovery and exploration. As a result, citizen science is witnessing a renaissance. The panel will discuss how you can get involved and challenges faced in making science open.

    • Ariel Waldman,
    • Kirsten Sanford, This Week in Science
    • Jessy Cowan-Sharp , NASA
    • Natalie Villalobos, Google
    • Tantek Çelik

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