Advice for President Obama: An Economics Panel Discussion from UChannel Podcast

Prominent Cornell economists focus on the international financial crisis, as well as economic challenges in health care and employment policy.

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  1. Crisis of Abundance: Rethinking How We Pay for Health Care | Cato Institute

    Featuring the author, Arnold Kling, Cato Institute Adjunct Scholar and Adjunct Professor at George Mason University; with comments by Sebastian Mallaby, Editorial Writer and Columnist, Washington Post; and Jason Furman, Visiting Scholar, New York University. Moderated by Michael F. Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies, Cato Institute. Why do so many pundits say that America’s health care system is in crisis? Economist Arnold Kling says that the fundamental challenge in American health care today is that we have many highly trained specialists and advanced technologies but do not know when their use is appropriate or how we should pay for them. He calls this a Crisis of Abundance. Kling argues that markets could do a better job of allocating these resources, and he advocates cutting government health care budgets by two-thirds and reducing third-party payment as a way to encourage better medical decisions.

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  2. Silencing Many Hospital Alarms Leads To Better Health Care : Shots - Health News : NPR

    Alarms are good and necessary things in hospital care — except when there are so many that caregivers miss signals of a patient in crisis. Trying to conquer "alarm fatigue," one hospital turned off the beeps — and found that patient care actually improved.

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    Stories: 1) The Under-Insured: ‘Health-Care Crisis Hits Home’ 2) Uwe Reinhardt: Hidden Costs Of Health Care

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