Chariots of Iron, Episode 20: O’ Brother Richard Where Art Thou?

A better title would have been: “O’ Lamar where art thou?” because Lamar was maimed in a freak pheasant hunting accident involving a high placed member of the former Bush administration and wasn’t able to make the show–but we did have Brother Richard, the world famous former pastor, blogger and fearless leader of Atheist Nexus roll as our co-host. Join us for one long hour and a half joke about “Saddlebacking.”

We cover David Attenborough’s recent intimation on the complexities of ignorance, religion and the environment. We also cover complex topics like: the complexities of making love to dead geese, the complexities of marrying ten-year-old girls, the complexities of covering up 11,000 molestation and child-rape charges, the complexities of the shitty impact of religion on our happiness and the complexities of apprehending felons that can polymorph themselves into goats.

And if you think the news was complex, Brother Richard talks with us about the Heads V meeting, saddlebacking, the future of Atheist Nexus, saddlebacking, being “anointed” by Dan Barker, saddlebacking, and also, we discuss saddlebacking.

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