brainless : the church of a neo-con cult-whore

Talk about “suffering for art.” I had to endure the puerile, specious, spurious, apocryphal, pathologically droll, neoconspiratorial, head-completely-up-ass english 101 thesis that is currently (for what has to be tragic reasons) on the “bestseller’s list.” The author apparently had a thesaurus on hand because she used a few “big” words here and there, I suppose to increase her “credibility.” But touches of sesquipedalia didn’t help in her case. Picture Dr. Laura and Hitler on crack, add overall tone of juvenile sneer “liberally” to the mix and you’ve got this smug cheesy little tome, full of itself and deluded into pretensions of rolling back hundreds of years of scientific progress and rewriting history, to wit: McCarthy was a swell guy and the Rosenbergs were justly barbequed. And there’s much more, of course, but I want to maintain an appetite for later.

Anyhoo, below is the entire book, abridged, mind you, and edited for “content.” I managed to condense the diatribe to ten minutes.

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