Ann Cult-Whore : Guilty

Miss Jaws-Wired-Shut has, from her polluted womb, spawned yet another English 101 assignment, a screed suffused with all the usual anti-liberal arguments, using her overly overtly smarmy tone to attack and indict legions of straw men of her own construction. Mis and disinformation abound, as well as a plethora (she likes that word) of logical fallacies (perhaps I should have used the word “myriad….”). She is, of course, completely full of shit, per usual. Here is the "severely abridged" version of her latest best cellar.

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    A concatenation of bozos, membots and media whores all cut up and reassembled, along with some guitar oriented musical bits here and there. Most shows are about an hour in length. This one be about 63 minutes.

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