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  1. What is Buddhism?

    In this episode we examine the nature and meaning of Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion started by the Buddha that teaches a philosophy and a way of life that frees one from attachment and thereby frees one from suffering. The older term for Buddhism is the Buddha Dharma.

    Podcast Outline Introduction A. What does the term Buddhism mean? B. There are many ways to understand Buddhism. C. Buddhism can also be divided into its three vehicles or branches. Conclusion

    Read more http://5minutedharma.com/2012/12/03/what-is-buddhism/

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  2. Buddhism and science: Talking past each other? – The Philosopher’s Zone

    This week, we look at the convergence – or perhaps not – of two philosophies: Buddhism and modern science.  Buddhism has attempted to redefine itself in relation to neuroscience . A case in point is the ‘dialogue’ between Buddhism and neuroscience promoted by the Dalai Lama and his Western followers.   But before talking of a possible convergence between neuroscience and Buddhism, do we need to acknowledge the divergences?


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  3. The Naked Monk interviews David Webster: Does Buddhism Matter?

    Stephen Schettini speaks with David Webster about the place of Buddhism in the modern world


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