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  1. Westminster Conference 1 - Considering our ways


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  2. Curious link between swarming locusts and agriculture - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Swarming locusts choose low nutrient grasses and heavily grazed fields over those fertilised with nitrogen.

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  3. The key role of fungi in forest ecology - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Stephanie Suter describes her work understanding important fungi found in the streams of the Victorian high plains.

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  4. Charity SolarAid replaces Africa’s kerosene lamps with solar lighting - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    British charity SolarAid hopes to provide cheap solar lighting to Africa, bolstering development and helping to protect the environment, writes Angus Kingston.

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  5. 5by5 | Isometric #12: Mech Suit President

    This week, we go from the ecstasy of the Destiny beta to the agony of the failed Yogventures Kickstarter, and somehow end up nominating Georgia for president of whichever country she wants to rule.

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  6. Night Owls, De Tocqueville, Dishes from Sears, and Theater!

    Mechon Hadar is happy to introduce this new joint project with Open Quorum and the Center for Jewish Law and Values: Responsa Radio.

    Ever wanted to know the answer to some deep and challenging questions in halakhah (Jewish law)? Join R. Avi Killip interviewing R. Ethan Tucker with questions sent in by Yeshivat Hadar alumni on all sorts of details of Jewish law. Episode 1: Night Owls, De Tocqueville, Dishes from Sears, and Theater." lang="en-US

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  7. Fireside Chat: Brian Eno

    Electronic music didn’t start with Brian Eno, but it was certainly never the same after him. On Roxy Music’s first two albums he helped make synthesizers and tape effects part of a rock lineup, pricking the ears of future synth-pop creators such as Human League. As a solo artist he forged a new genre, which he dubbed ambient music, before effectively becoming a one-man genre himself, lending touches to Genesis (where he’s credited with “Enossification”), John Cale, and David Bowie during his golden Berlin period. There wasn’t much in the way of experimental 70s music that wasn’t made a little odder by Eno’s touch. But that touch could also be a multiplatinum one, as he showed as a producer for U2 in the mid-80s and Coldplay 20 years later. In the 90s he created perhaps the most widely heard music of all: the six-second start-up sound for Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. Typically mischievous, he later let it be known that he’d created it on a Mac.

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  8. hr2 Der Tag: Die Herren der Algorithmen: Überwachung in Zeiten des Internets

    Als vor 25 Jahren die Mauer zwischen Deutschland West und Ost fiel und die DDR-Bürger die Archive ihrer Staatssicherheit stürmten, da standen sie vor Bergen von gesammeltem Material. Und bald reifte die Erkenntnis, dass die Stasi damals sehr häufig nicht wusste, was sie hätte wissen können, wenn sie in der Lage gewesen wäre, ihre Archive zu durchforsten. Aber dazu fehlte die Technik. 25 Jahre später gibt es diese Technik – und die Staatssicherheitsapparate der USA haben kein Problem mit dem Durchforsten noch viel größerer Datenmengen. Und sie sind nicht allein. Auch Privatfirmen sammeln ungezügelt unsere digitalen Spuren und entwickeln immer neue Techniken und Programme, um uns immer genauer zu verfolgen. Jeden von uns. Immer. Denn digitale Überwachung verlangt nach der Vollständigkeit der Daten und ist inzwischen auch in der Lage, diese unbegrenzt zu verarbeiten. Was bedeutet nun aber das Wörtchen “Datenschutz“ in diesen Zeiten? Hat es überhaupt noch Sinn, darüber zu sprechen?

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  9. InterviewMrMoneyMustache

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  10. Greifenklaue 27

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