Shopping Center Economics - Planet Money #132

Another very special radio competition. We sent Adam Davidson, Chana Joffe-Walt and Alex Blumberg to the International Council of Shopping Centers’ New York Conference and challenged them to bring back the best economics stories they could find. Listen to their stories, hear our panel of celebrity judges weigh in and then decide who you think should be the winner.

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    Adam Davidson, Chana Joffe-Walt and David Kestenbaum visited New York’s Fancy Food Show with a directive: bring back the best economics story they could find in just 60 minutes. The starring ingredients: olive oil, vanilla beans, and roquefort cheese. You can listen and vote for your favorite fancy food story at

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  2. Bloody, Miserable Medieval Economics - Planet Money #72

    Before governments had regulators with suits and briefcases, says College of William and Mary history professor Philip Daileader, they had knights. The Lancelots of real life went around the kingdom forcing people to pay whatever the knights decided they owed. It was a brutal economic approach. If you think the knights were tough, be thankful you never faced the guild system. It existed to eliminate competition and benefit producers at the expense of consumers. Craftspeople fought each other for control and tried to limit access to the market — at their own expense, it turned out.

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    The lead singer of the band OK Go, famous for the video where they dance on treadmills, talks about the economics of Rock and his band’s decision to leave their label and start their own record company.

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