Pepper - Butthole Surfers

This is classic psychedelic chart botherer from those finely named Butthole Surfers ..

Haven’t heard this in probably 10 years or so .. love it.

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  1. Nevermind The Myrrh! or Dust Devil vs. Mirror Man

    Naval Aviation In Audio, radio program on CJTR Regina Community Radio.

    Episode no.178, aired July 18, 2012. Reading from french poet Stephan Mallarme’s Herodiade, as translated by C.F. MacIntyre. Contains several instances of "dead air" lasting 3 - 10 seconds becuase my recording software faultered (or something), unfortunately ruining two otherwise decent segues and thrice interuppting my discussion.

    This episode engaged in a debate with Out To Lunch on the Butthole Surfers, using their Dust Devil and Captain Beefheart’s Mirror Man as discussion points. At the last minute I realized (1) that the idea of a "mirror" was more central to OTL’s argument than I originally had realized, and (2) that mirrors, and reflections in general, are prominant in the poetry I was reading by Mallarme. I would like to have said something intelligent on air about how the mirror theme spontaneously insisted itself on me, but god help me I’m not that quick.

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