5by5 | The Incomparable #78: Clones and Telepaths vs. Love

Our Comic Book Club gets in a romantic mood with a discussion of comic-book romances—the (very) few that have stood the test of time and the (very) many that have been thwarted by clones, telepaths, cloned telepaths, and—worst of all—Satan’s Annulment. Also, what are we reading? Special guest Lisa Schmeiser. This episode is sponsored by Smile, Sourcebits, and Shopify. Notes Sponsored by HelpSpot. Spoiler Horn: We spoil a lot of stuff in here, so if you’re super spoiler sensitive, you should be wary. The biggest spoiler (which Jason S. drops on Lisa) appears in our discussion of the most recent issues of “Invincible.” Jason B. also mentions something that happens about fifty issues into “The Walking Dead” in passing. We reveal the true outcome of the “Death of Spider-Man” arc in “Ultimate Spider-Man.” There are a few nods toward outcomes in “Fables” as well. We don’t think any of these mild spoiler mentions will harm your enjoyment of the tales, but if you’re super careful, please put on your spoiler-sensitive earmuffs before listening to this podcast.