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  1. Emotional Design with Aarron Walter » The East Wing

    The East Wing is a podcast brought to you by Tim Smith, that talks with industry experts about design, solving problems and the keys to creating products with value.

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  2. Oh God, It’s Full of Stars

    The relationship between digital and physical products is larger than if it exists on a hard drive or a shelf. It’s the tension between access and ownership, searching and finding, sharing and collecting. It’s a dance between the visible and the invisible, and what happens when we’re forced to remember versus when we are allowed to forget. How does this affect us—not just as makers, but as consumers of these products? Does collecting things matter if we don’t revisit them? We may download, bookmark, tag, organize, and star, but what then?

    A digital Zen master would say that if everything is starred, nothing is. We’ve optimized the system for getting things in, but how do we get something good out? How can we make meaningful connections between all of this stuff, and make constellations out of all these stars?

    Frank Chimero is a graphic designer and illustrator. He makes pictures about words and words about pictures. His fascination with the creative process, curiosity, and visual experience informs all of his work. Each piece is part of an exploration in finding wit, surprise, and joy in the world around us, then, trying to document those things with all deliberate speed.

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  3. The Non-Breaking Space Show | Interviews with the web’s best and brightest

    The Non-Breaking Space Show is a podcast by Christopher Schmitt, Dave McFarland, Chris Enns interviewing the best and brightest of the web.

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  4. Erin Kissane podcast interview: editorial strategy, web magazines and trolls

    In Episode 4 of the Together London Podcast, I talk to Erin Kissane about what she learned editing A List Apart magazine, her book The Elements of Content Strategy, why she started Contents Magazine, and what we can do about the problem of harassment online.

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  5. Relly Annett-Baker – All the small things | Web Directions

    Microcopy is the ninja of online content. Fast, furious and deadly, it has the power to make or break your online business, to kill or stay your foes. It’s a sentence, a confirmation, a few words. One word, even. It isn’t big or flashy. It doesn’t leave a calling card. If it does its job your customer may never notice it was there.

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  6. SpoolCast: Followup Q&A from The Scent of Information

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  7. Responsive Web Design for Libraries: Get Beyond the Myth of the Mobile Web

    Matthew Reidsma of Grand Valley State University gave a talk at ALA Annual 2012 on Responsive Web Design for libraries. He led off with a discussion of the basics of Responsive Design and how it can benefit your library, and then spent the next hour walking through how to build a responsive site by tackling the elegant website.

    Other formats, including video with slides, are available at

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  8. John Allsopp – The Dao of Web Design Revisited | Web Directions

    In 2000, when the web was less than half the age it is now, when the concept of web standards was still not much more than an ember carefully nurtured by a small group of practitioners who might fairly have been called fanatics (and less charitably, but just as accurately, lunatics), John Allsopp wrote “A Dao of Web Design”.

    Little did he know, and even less can he believe, that more than a decade later, an eon in internet years, it is still widely quoted by some of the web’s most well known and respected practitioners, and considered by some to be a seminal text in web design.

    So, ten years later, what does John now think about his thesis, and his suggestions for developers? In a world of highly fragmented user experiences, across all manner of screen sizes and input modes, what now seems hopelessly naïve? What if anything, stands the test of time. And what, if anything, new has John learned as he has continued to develop with web technologies over the last 10 years.

    Come and listen as John revisits a Dao of Web Design.

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  9. Gil Fronsdal: Something About Nothing

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  10. Gil Fronsdal: Practice Notes: Naming Wandering Thoughts

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