Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Wax Tailor Remix)

"There are three types of people in this world: those who grok Nina Simone, those who are deaf, and those who have no soul. Do. Not. Trust the third type."


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  1. feeling good

    nina simone goodness

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  2. August’s Release from the Archive: Is Revolution Possible in the 21st Century? 9/04/08

    Another archive release features one of the many informative talks collected on the Resistance MP3 site. Chris Harman of the Socialist Workers Party relates that Revolution in our century is not only possible but inevitable.

    Music: The Internationale – Alistair Hulet Revolution – Nina Simone Revolution – Bob Marley & the Wailers Revolution – Los Fastidos After the Revolution – David Rovics Revolution – Sub Dub

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  3. Compy 14

    This one’s made up of fourteen stonking tracks from the likes of Let’s Go Outside, Pablo, Thom Yorke, Maximo Park and Fuck Buttons.

    1. Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull: Center Stage 0.00
    2. Let’s Go Outside: Giving You Up 4:23
    3. Maximo Park: Let’s Get Clinical (Clark Remix) 9:15
    4. Darkstar: Aidys Girl’s a Computer 12:41
    5. Pablo: Act of Persuasion 17:37
    6. Pablo: The Story Of Sampling 21:02
    7. Rob: Femme et Enfant (feat. Sebastien Tellier) 25:25
    8. Thom Yorke: Skip Divided (Modeselektor Remix) 31:14
    9. Bat For Lashes: Pearls Dream (Skream’s Pour Another Glass of Champers Remix) 36:20
    10. Fuckpony Featuring Chela Simone And Laila Tov: Fall Into Me 42:22
    11. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool: Dance The Way I Feel 47:32
    12. Matias Aguayo: Rollerskate 50:45
    13. agf & Vladislav Delay: Connection 56:54
    14. Fuck Buttons: The Lisbon Maru 60:49

    —Huffduffed by adactio 4 years ago