Professor Panini by Matthew Grigg

A cautionary tale of a duck, a toaster, and buttered bagels.

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  1. The Goat God Catechism

    From "Airy Persiflage" ( Garrett and Walter O’Hara recite one of the surrealistic/comedic gems of Mr. Frank Key. Recorded, Burke VA 2011

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  2. Lemmings, by Richard Matheson, read by Walter O’Hara

    This is a very short story by Richard Matheson, a famous television writer and master of the short story form. Written as a parable about nuclear war (in 1953), it was not received well, and in some jurisdictions people actually wanted it banned. I rather like the darkly ironic tone and imagery of this short-short piece. I have always read it very differently from the author’s intent, and took the allegory as representing the madness of popular culture. Go figure!

    Third Point of Singularity (blog): Airy Persiflage:

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  3. On the Bad Vicarage, by Mr. Frank Key, read by Walter O’Hara

    “The vicarage is bad indeed, as bad as any vicarage in Christendom. But the vicar whose sinecure it is is, shall we say, a fair to middling vicar. I would not call him good, but he is by no means as bad as the Bad Vicar of old.” (third point of singularity) (airy persiflage)

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