Halløj i Betalingsringen: Ruben & Kasper

Simon har i dag besøg af Stand-up komikerne Ruben Søltoft og Kasper Gross, og assistent Joy A.B.L.Larsen. Simon Jul


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  1. Halløj i Betalingsringen - Radio24syv | Arkiv

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  1. Fup i Farvandet: #31 Ruben Søltoft “Så blev det alligevel jul”

    Ruben er Danmarksmester i Stand-up! Wow! Han skal skrive i Woman, og har været til DM i body building. Mikkel skal i gymnasiet. Wichmann har læst om Karen og Casper i avisen. Ruben er ulækker.

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  2. Mixergy

    Bootstrap to Quitting Day with Ruben Gamez — How does a former employee bootstrap a profitable startup and quit his job?

    Joining me is Ruben Gamez, founder of BidSketch, where website designers can go to create customized, clean proposals in minutes.

    A lot of us in the startup space have been following Ruben and his story as he built up his business and grew customers. And we were all celebrating the day that he quit his job. Now that it’s been a little while, I want to find out about that experience.

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  3. Scaling a Bootstrapped Business Past 1,500 Paying Customers with Ruben Gamez - Bootstrapped with Kids Podcast

    Call it growth hacking, customer acquisition strategies, or just plain good marketing, Ruben Gamez give us the goods on how he grew Bidsketch from a side project to over 1,500 paying customers.

    Brecht talks with Ruben about the different techniques he used at different stages of his business, how the strategies evolved, and how he prioritizes the tactics he chooses.

    If you want to hear how a super analytical, freakishly deliberate, and successful bootstrapper does it, listen to this.

    Some of the topics covered are:

    How to grow an awesome advisor team

    How to choose the best next action to take

    How to learn from your past customer acquisition experiments

    Adding a multiplier to your growth tactics

    Making deliberate big bets

    Rethinking the value of asking for the credit card upfront

    How to look at your churn in a effective way

    There is a ton of great value in this interview.

    Please send Ruben a thank you on Twitter at @Earthlingworks.

    Scaling a Bootstrapped Business Past 1,500 Paying Customers with Ruben Gamez

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