Podcast #2: Minecraft Special With Markus Persson

Since this is only the second IndieGames podcast, we’re still experimenting quite a bit - hence you’ll find that this week’s is rather different to podcast #1, as we cut the news out and simply throw our guest indie developer many, many questions.

This week’s guest developer is Markus Persson aka Notch, creator of the insanely popular Minecraft. We spend the first half of the podcast grilling him with our own questions on Minecraft, the Universe and Everything, then throw a bunch of readers’ questions his way. There are three ways to listen - you can find it here, or you can download it from iTunes, and finally if you jump below the cut, you’ll find it down there too.

Also below the cut, you’ll find a bunch of links to everything we discussed, so you can find out what the heck we’re actually going on about! Next week’s podcast will most likely be completely different again, as we try to work out what is the best form to take. If you have any suggestions for topics, features or indie developers you’d like to see on the show, let us know in the comments!


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