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  1. Shadowlocked: Roger Christian Talks Zombies, Prometheus & Battlefield Earth

    In the fourth of the new Shadowlocked podcasts, we chat with our old friend Roger Christian - Oscar winning inventor of the look of Star Wars and Alien, and subsequently a director in his own right (he also helped out old friend and colleague George Lucas by being 2nd AD on The Phantom Menace).


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  2. Inkstuds: Simon Bisley Interview

    Simon Bisley was one of those creators that had a profound impact on me when I was in my teens. Coming across his work in Slaine was amazing. It was violent, over the top and extreme in all the right ways. Simon has continued to make work and seems to never slow down. We cover a million different things in this interview, but somehow don’t even discuss what he is working on right now.


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  3. SXSW 2012: Art and Advertising: Two Sides of the One Sheet

    The movie poster is dead! Long live the movie poster! Such are the proclamations that have cycled through the decades as movie poster design has ebbed from art form to dumbed downed marketing piece. Sometimes it rises to the former with a significant push from designers like Saul Bass and Neil Kellerhouse, but most of the time it recedes into the latter, wrenched down by the generic photomontages of studio film posters. However, in the last decade there’s been an interesting new wave taking place that brings these two disparate sides of the one sheet together. It’s being harnessed by collectible art boutique Mondo and embodied by artists (and panelists) Sam Smith, Justin Erickson and Akiko Stehrenberger; who are all striving to make movie marketing as engaging as the movie it’s representing. So how did this new wave take place and will it last? Can studios learn to embrace art in advertising? And can artists balance the advertising in their art?


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  4. Found Objects Podcast Volume 1

    Seems to be about books and Lovecraft. Recommended by Warren Ellis


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  5. The Life Of Edward Gorey, Told By An Old Friend

    Gorey died in 2000 at the age of 75. Not long after, a slim paperback called The Strange Case of Edward Gorey was published. It was written by Alexander Theroux, one of Gorey’s close friends — he had few. Recently, Theroux went back to the now-out-of-print original monograph to rewrite, expand and redesign it. It’s just been published in hardcover, and Theroux spoke to Weekend Edition Sunday host Liane Hansen about his peculiar longtime friend.


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  6. Penny Arcade Podcast 03/18/2009 In Which Much Is Revealed

    Penny Arcade is a popular webcomic that has spawned an excellent documentary series, online at http://www.penny-arcade.com/patv/

    A couple years ago, creators Jerry and Mike did an audio podcast, revealing their writing process. In this episode, they discuss the possibility of a reality show based on what they do. That discussion begins at about 10 minutes 30 seconds in.

    The comic they end up writing in this episode: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/3/18/

    Original podcast feed: http://www.penny-arcade.com/padlc.xml

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