In a Perfect World 29: Inside the Tryptamine Palace

interview with James Oroc, author of the Tryptamine Palace, talk of William Burroughs, psychedelic drugs, etc.

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  1. In A Perfect World - 29: Inside the Tryptamine Palace

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  1. David Nutt reveals the truth about drugs

    Professor David Nutt discusses his book Drugs – Without the Hot Air, and argues that society’s prohibition of psychedelic substances is preventing groundbreaking science

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  2. Overthinking with Brad Allen #40 - Lorenzo Haggarty

    On January 7th, I celebrated the first episode recorded in 2014 by having a great conversation with Lorenzo Hagerty on Overthinking with Brad Allen.  Lorenzo is currently the host of the Psychedelic Salon podcast, along with also previously having careers as an attorney, a U.S. Naval officer, electrical engineer, motivational speaker and more during his 71 years on this planet.

    We discussed his podcast, along with the controversial topic of psychedelic drugs.  I understand that there are some strong opinions on both sides of this topic.  I encourage everyone to listen to our viewpoints, and to consider the complex nature of this topic.  The real issue our country has with drugs, is the black and white nature in which we have discussed them in the mainstream for the majority of the last three decades.  If we all accept that this is a complex subject, we can potentially understand these substances and each other a little better.  If you would like to learn more about Lorenzo and his podcast, please check out his website and follow him on Twitter!

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  3. Studio 360

    Ken Kesey’s magic Trip and Extreme Tango — This week Kurt Andersen talks with Alex Gibney, whose new documentary follows Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters on the road trip that launched the psychedelic 1960s. Then we ride the economic roller coaster with novelist Gary Shteyngart. His novel Super Sad True Love Story imagined a debt crisis that …

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