Michael Franti - Obama song

This is so upbeat and relentlessly positive I can hardly believe it’s Michael Franti. It’s lovely, but I hope he goes back to taking a critical view… which is so much more interesting.

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  1. Michael Franti - Obama song

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  2. Michael Franti - Obama song

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  2. Michael Franti of Spearhead on TH Radio

    Michael Franti is the thunderous voice and poetic brain behind Spearhead, a band that melts hip hop, R&B, reggae, and funk with a message of love and rebellion. Franti has long been outspoken on issues of political reform, peace, and ecological sanity. His documentary film, “I Know I’m Not Alone,” follows his barefoot journey across the Middle East, guitar in hand.

    Michael speaks with TreeHugger about his hopes for the new president, his efforts to live greener—both at home and on the road—and the making of Spearhead’s new record, All Rebel Rockers.

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  3. Audio: Gary Younge meets people who blame Obama for the depressed economy | World news | guardian.co.uk

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