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  1. 95- Future Screens are Mostly Blue | 99% Invisible

    We have seen the future, and the future is mostly blue.

    Or, put another way: in our representations of the future in science fiction movies, blue seems to be the dominant color of our interfaces with technology yet to come. And that is one of the many design lessons we can learn from sci-fi.

    Designers and sci-fi aficionados Chris Noessel and Nathan Shedroff have spent years compiling real-world lessons that designers can, should, and already do take from science fiction. Their new book, Make It So: Interaction Design Lessons From Science Fiction is a comprehensive compendium of their findings.

    All music (after pledge preamble) is by OK Ikumi.

    Podcast: Download (Duration: 24:49 — 22.8MB)

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  2. For A More Ordered Life, Organize Like A Chef : The Salt : NPR

    The French phrase mise-en-place means to gather and arrange the ingredients and tools needed for cooking. But for many culinary professionals, its organizing principles are also a way of life.

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  3. ASP.NET vNext with Jeff Fritz

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  4. Nerdist Max Landis

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  5. How to Escape a Life of Mediocrity with Melissa Leon - Blogcast FM

    You’ve heard the story of AJ Leon. But behind the magic of Misfit, Inc. is a voice that we don’t hear that often. AJ’s partner in crime, Melissa, keeps the Misfit machine humming along. In this interview, you’ll get an in-depth look into her background and the operations of their organization.

    Here are some highlights from our chat:

    Recognizing When You’re Living a Life of Mediocrity 

    Choosing Work that’s in Line with Who You Are As a Person

    Looking at the Future Your Current Life Could Lead To

    Why Interesting Work Requires Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

    Dealing with Family Members Who See the World Differently 

    What Has Informed the Projects that AJ and Melissa Will Work On

    Lessons from the World of Performing Art and Shakespeare

    The Insane Level of Detail that Goes into Misfit Design Work

    How to Create Experiences that Delight People’s Senses

    The Difference Between “Your Best” and “Enough for an A”

    The Clash Between Work that Matters and Work that Pays

    The Dangers of Compromising on Your Ideal Life 

    Resources and Links Mentioned in this Episode Include:

    Die Empty by Todd Henry

    The Life and Times of Remarkable Misfit

    Melissa Leon is Chief of Staff at Misfit, Inc., a foodie, video editor, entrepreneur. and humanitarian. She is currently traveling around the entire world in 1,080 days. You can follow her on twitter @melissaleon.

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    Podcast: Download (Duration: 1:03:53 — 87.7MB)

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  6. I Lost My Motivation, Now What? (FS056)

    If you’re struggling to find motivation, listen to this episode—rich tips to get you out of the muddy waters and back into clarity, focus and direction.

    In this conversation we address the second part of “Terry’s” question: how to re-find your motivation.

    (We already answered the first part about romance/relationship tips for entrepreneurs.)

    Push Play: I Lost My Motivation, Now What?

    (FS056) /

    Listen to I Lost My Motivation, Now What?


    A podcast for creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders…

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    Struggling to find motivation? Listen to this episode and get back to your why.Tweet This  

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    Show Notes

    Robert Downey Jr – Off Camera with Sam Jones — An incredible interview.

    Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation by Parker J. Palmer — “With wisdom, compassion, and gentle humor, Parker J. Palmer invites us to listen to the inner teacher and follow its leadings toward a sense of meaning and purpose.”

    Canadian Lobsters:

    “There’s a joke. An American fisherman and a Canadian fisherman each are standing there with a big pot of lobsters. The lobsters in the Canadian’s pot are all struggling to get out and the American says, ‘You better watch those, you’re gonna lose your lobsters there.’ And the Canadian doesn’t even look at the pot and says to him, ‘Don’t worry, they’re Canadian lobsters, their friends will pull them back down.’”

    Shane Smith, CoFounder Vice

    Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action — “Simon Sinek presents a simple but powerful model for how leaders inspire action, starting with a golden circle and the question ‘Why?’”

    Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation — “Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.”

    This Not That, How to Choose What to Work On Right Now (FS053) — “How could you know what is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to work on right now?”

    Need Some Motivation Right Now? Read This IMMEDIATELY — “If you’re in desperate need of some motivation, we’re going to fix that problem, right here, right now.”

    Burnout, in my experience results from trying to give what I do not possess. ~ Parker PalmerTweet This  

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  7. How to Find Your Freaks

    Chris Brogan shares how to unleash your inner freak to connect with the audience YOU want to work with.

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  8. Podcast #72 with Ryan Holiday of The Obstacle is the Way — The Art of Less Doing

    Show Notes:Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Youtube.Also Check out Ari’s book "Less Doing, More Living"Get More Great Content and Full Show Notes with Transcript at In Episode #72 of The Less Doing Podcast, Ari talks with Ryan Holiday, Director of Marketing at American Apparel and Author of The Obstacle is the Way about Stoicism, Reading 250 books per year, and the most amazing note taking system ever.  Links from the Show:Ryan Holiday (Twitter)The Obstacle is the WayReedyHey JoeBedditSalmon Protein8 Things for HappinessPerfectionism vs. ProductivityRich Food Poor Food Special OfferDucksBoardNumerousSpeakPipeAri on The Art of Charm Podcast

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  9. Universal Skills that Impact Your Business with Sebastian Marshall

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  10. 5by5 | 5by5 at the Movies #3: A Slight Burglary: Glengarry Glen Ross

    Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk about Glengarry Glen Ross.

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