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Guest: Eric Potratz & Mat Lalonde Gynecomastia is not appealing. Men were never meant to have boobs. Potrat


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  2. Episode 8 – Paleo Nerd-A-Thon with Mat LaLonde & Robb Wolf

    Bring on the Paleo-Nerd-A-Thon! This week paleo nerds Robb Wolf and Mat LaLonde join me to discuss some of the finer points of the paleo approach to nutrition.


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  3. Nutrition & healing, obstacles to optimal health, macronutrient ratios and more

    In this “Grab Bag Q&A episode of the podcast, I discuss the role of nutrition in healing, obstacles to optimal health, macronutrient ratios and more.

    Questions include:

    Do you feel with the right nutrition the body is capable of healing itself? In your practice, what do you find to be the biggest barrier stopping people from reaching their optimal health? Should I eat low-carb, low-fat, or do macronutrient ratios not matter? Do you have anything you could teach on the problem of developing gastritis AFTER going paleo? Does the food combining theory have any scientific merit? http://chriskresser.com/nutrition-healing-obstacles-to-optimal-health-macronutrient-ratios-and-more

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