# 730 - Finally The Link Between Glucose And Longevity Has Been Illuminated - Super Human Radio - The World’s First Broadcast Radio Show Dedicated to Human Performance

Guest: Dr. Trygve Tollefsbol As I’ve been saying all along… Sugar is the devil! Eat more and live less. Listen and enjoy….


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  3. Robert Lustig - Here’s The Thing (WNYC)

    This week, Alec talks with Dr. Robert Lustig, a pediatric endocrinologist at UC San Francisco, about our country’s addiction to sugar. Children today are the first American generation to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, in large part due to obesity. According to Lustig, this obesity often comes from eating too much sugar.

    Sugar is hard to avoid. A recent study reveals that 80 percent of the 600,000 food items in America are laced with added sugar. Lustig says, “There is not one biochemical reaction in your body, not one, that requires dietary fructose, not one that requires sugar. Dietary sugar is completely irrelevant to life. People say oh, you need sugar to live. Garbage.” Dr. Robert Lustig has made it his business to get the rest of the world to pay attention.


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