Science Saturday: The Economics of Artificial Intelligence


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  1. WTF - Todd Hanson

    While in Brooklyn, Marc sat down with Todd Hanson, one of the original writers for The Onion, who is responsible for some of the smartest, funniest satire of the past two decades. But something went unspoken during that conversation, which prompted a second discussion several months later about a major event in Todd’s life.

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  2. Hanson on the Technological Singularity

    Robin Hanson of GMU talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the idea of a technological singularity—a sudden, large increase in the rate of growth due to technological change. Hanson argues that it is plausible that a change in technology could lead to world output doubling every two weeks rather than every 15 years, as it does currently. Hanson suggests a likely route to such a change is to port the human brain into a computer-based emulation. Such a breakthrough in artificial intelligence would lead to an extraordinary increase in productivity creating enormous wealth and radically changing the returns to capital and labor. The conversation looks at the feasibility of the process and the intuition behind the conclusions. Hanson argues for the virtues of such a world.

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  3. Hanson - Georgetown Talk

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