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  1. Jonathan Harris at Flash On The Beach

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  2. Jonathan Harris at Flash On The Beach

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  3. Jonathan Harris at Flash On The Beach

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  4. Jonathan Harris at Flash On The Beach

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  1. Bill Byrne: Speech UIs for Mobile Applications

    The growing number of mobile applications with speech is drawing renewed interest in a series of interesting and challenging UI puzzles.

    In this talk, Googler Bill Byrne gives a brief overview of the various Google projects that involve speech. He also describes his work on the design and research of mobile apps with speech.

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  2. Google +will+ save Flash, a developer who uses it says

    by Robert Scoble on January 30, 2010: I just recorded a 45 minute conversation on my iPhone while we sat on the deck at the Half Moon Bay Ritz with Luke Kilpatrick about Flash, Silverlight, Palm Pre, and a few other topics, but mostly focusing on what will happen to Flash.

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  3. The Essential Guide to Open Source Flash Development

    What do the Adobe Flex and ActionScript compilers; the award-winning 3D Flash library, Papervision3D; the native data format for Flash, SWX; and the excellent Flash streaming and interactive server, Red5 have in common? They’re all open source. And they’re all introduced in this book by the project leads themselves.Contrary to its popular perception as a closed platform, the Flash Platform has an active and thriving grassroots open source community and a plethora of open source projects. In this session, Aral Balkan, founder of and creator of SWX, will give you an overview of what’s possible with open source Flash with examples from the book.

    Aral Balkan, Naklab

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