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  1. New Technologies Boosted Obama Campaign’s Efforts : NPR

    Robert Siegel speaks with Harper Reed, who was chief technology officer for the Obama reelection campaign, about the strategies they employed to mobilize volunteers and reach voters.


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  2. Data Stories Episode #5 – How To Learn Data Visualization (with Andy Kirk)

    Hi Folks! We love Andy so much that we decided to keep him with us for another episode (well, actually we hope somebody will eventually pay the ransom). This time we talk about “learning visualization”, which is the perfect topic for him given his experience with his training visualization courses.

    We received many requests of people who wanted to know how to learn visualization in the past. So, here we are with a more than one hour long podcast with the three of us talking about it. We just hope you’ll find the time to listen to the entire episode. If not, the breakdown below can help you chunking it into a few sessions. Have fun!

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  3. The Personal Data Revolution

    It’s possible for the average person to collect and analyze unprecedented amounts of data about themselves. What was once the province of extreme athletes and dieters has been democratized and the resulting movement is called ‘The Quantified Self.’ Brooke speaks with Gary Wolf, who coined the term, a number of self-quantifiers, and MIT professor Deb Roy about what all this personal data really tells us about ourselves.


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  4. Data Journalism - On The Media

    The immense amounts of data collected by local, state and federal government agencies can be an incredibly valuable trove for enterprising journalists. It can also be a pointless slog. Texas Tribune reporter Matt Stiles and Duke University computational journalism professor Sarah Cohen explain how they find good stories in a sea of government data.

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  5. Web inventor discusses importance of open data

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a pretty important person when it comes to the 21st century. He pretty much invented the World Wide Web, and currently leads the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

    He’s also a big proponent of linked data — a concept that he says differs somewhat from open data.


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  6. Maponics, GeoData Provider to Twitter


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  7. Episode 0.1.8 - NoSQL Smackdown!

    Nerds talk big data at SXSW 2010.

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  8. Minister of Information

    Edward Tufte is perhaps the country’s foremost evangelist for the clean, clear and rich presentation of complex information. The Obama administration’s stimulus package is flooding the economy with 787 billion dollars for employment and public works projects. Put the two together, as Obama did earlier this month when he nominated Tufte for the stimulus advisory board with the hopes that the public will have a fighting chance of understanding where the stimulus money went and what it’s doing.


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  9. Google’s Hal Varian on tech, innovation and economics

    Hal Varian, Google’s Chief Economist and University of California at Berkeley professor, talks with Russ Roberts about Google, the role of technology in our everyday lives, the unintended paths of innovation, and the value of economics.

    From http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2008/07/varian_on_techn.html

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  10. Data, Data Everywhere

    Interview with the author of the recent Economist special report on Big Data.

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