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  1. 7 Rules for More Effective Slide Presentations

    "Whether you are a professional speaker or someone who only makes the occasional presentation, you could be more effective with better slides. In this podcast, I share my seven rules for better presentations."


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  2. episode #328 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast

    Welcome to episode #328 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. It’s great to have Jeremiah Owyang back on the podcast. He’s currently Partner of Customer Strategy at Altimeter Group, a research based advisory firm started by…


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  3. Management Excellence Book Series: Six Disciplines Execution Revolution with Gary Harpst | Management Excellence

    Management Excellence Book Series Podcast: Six Disciplines Execution Revolution with Gary Harpst


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  4. In Love with Android: Q&A with Matias Duarte - Technology Review

    The lead designer of the Android user interface has the job of making Google’s mobile operating system desirable to consumers." name="description


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  5. Andy Budd: Mastering web user experience

    Andy tells us the best practices to employ when building your site for your target audience. Also discover what it takes for your designs to stand out.


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  6. Tim O’Reilly: The War for the Web

    The early days of the internet were truly astonishing. As people came to comprehend the power of networked information, they seized the many opportunities for innovation created by the open architecture of the web. Of course, the browser wars also showed that threats to openness and interoperability were a real danger. Today, Tim O’Reilly worries that escalating competition between large companies and closed platforms may drive the web towards a battle ground of locked down services and proprietary data.


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  7. Paul Graham on Startups

    Paul Graham, essayist, programmer and partner in the y-combinator talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about start-ups, innovation, and creativity. Graham draws on his experience as entrepreneur and investor to discuss the current state of the start-up world and how that world has changed due to improved technology that makes it easier to start a software company. Graham talks about his unusual venture firm, the y-combinator, and how he and his partners work with start-ups to get them ready for more advanced funding. Along the way, Graham discusses why hackers are like painters and how to survive high school.

    From http://www.econtalk.org/archives/2009/08/graham_on_start.html

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