E-Learning 24/7: Mobile Learning - What You Need to Know



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  1. JISC on Air – new online broadcast explores student recruitment : JISC

    In the first of a new series of online ‘radio’ programmes – JISC on Air – we explore how digital technologies are helping universities to share reliable and consistent course information and support new students throughout the recruitment process.

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  2. e-Learning Stuff » Blog Archive » e-Learning Stuff Podcast #072: New devices, new ways of learning

    New devices, new ways of learning, recording of James’ presentation from Learning and Skills Conference 2011.

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  3. Mobile Technologies, Mobile Users: Will Libraries Mobilize? - Joan K. Lippincott

    Joan K. Lippincott, Coalition for Networked Information

    Many types of mobile devices are currently being employed by members of our community. In addition to communicating with others, individuals are seeking information via these devices. What roles can libraries play, and perhaps more importantly what roles should they play in delivering content that is configured for mobile devices, in developing services aimed at mobile device users, and in configuring physical spaces to respond to mobile device users’ needs? The presentation will feature examples of current library practice as well as describe the use of mobile devices more broadly in teaching and learning. Factors to consider in developing a plan that addresses mobile devices will be described.

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