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  1. Spectrum 15 June 2014: Flight of Fancy

    It’s one of New Zealand’s greatest aviation questions - did farmer and inventor Richard Pearse achieve controlled flight before the Wright Brothers in 1903? While a definitive answer may never be known, there’s one man who is determined to see if Pearse’s patented aircraft will actually fly. Automotive engineer Ivan Mudrovcich has dedicated nearly a decade to building a reproduction of Richard Pearse’s early flying machine. Spectrum’s Lisa Thompson pays a visit to Ivan’s garage and finds a backyard inventor adding his own chapter to our aviation history.

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  2. KCRW Unfictional: Little Julian’s Secret

    Some call him the Chicano Bigfoot; Little Julian Herrera was a star of the 50s East LA music scene, until one day he just disappeared. Is he still out there?

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  3. Movie Buddies #1: Avatar

    Is Avatar a racist/sexist film, or does it secretly have something to say about the evolving idea of identity in the internet age? Probably both.

    We also talk a bunch about general indie animation stuff in the second half because we just couldn’t help it.

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  4. WTF with Marc Maron #473: Jon Ronson

    Author and journalist Jon Ronson provided Marc with a lot of conversation points through his books, including Them: Adventures with Extremists, The Men Who Stare At Goats and The Psychopath Test. Jon and Marc mine that material to discuss conspiracy theorists, hoarders and victims of public shaming. Also, Andy Daly pops into the garage after papering Marc’s neighborhood with fliers for his new Comedy Central series, Review. This episode is sponsored by Squarespace, and USA Network’s new series Sirens.

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  5. Bruce Sterling SXSW 2014 Closing Remarks

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  6. WTF with Marc Maron #476: Billy Connolly

    Billy Connolly brings his powerful charisma and propulsive storytelling to the garage. Find out how a working class lad from Glasgow, Scotland became a comic-actor-musician who dined with the Queen. Also, Adam Carolla drops by the garage to talk about the latest efforts to save podcasting from predatory patent trolls. This episode is sponsored by Sirens on USA Network, Squarespace and GoToMeeting by Citrix.

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  7. TinyCast #25: Nintendo WiFi’s Missed Connections

    TinyCast 25! We spend this episode eulogizing Nintendo’s WiFi Connection service — speculating about its sudden death, discussing the difficulties of preservation, and lamenting the online features we’ll miss. We also go on tangents about game ports and Children of Mana for some reason.

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  8. The Talk Show #73: Do Not Retweet the Band-Aid

    Special guest Joanna Stern joins John Gruber to discuss tablets as laptop replacements, the appeal of large-screen smartphones, wearables, and more.

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  9. The New Disruptors #63: Failing Upward with Greg Knauss

    Greg Knauss is an independent software developer who created Romantimatic, a reminder program for absent-minded sweethearts. You may know him from the early 2000s: from and Metababy and Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard, a collection of stories he promoted on what was arguably the first digital book tour. Then for a decade he toiled behind the scenes until he went out on his own. We’ll talk today about his expectations, the reality, and fear of failing—and of succeeding!

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  10. Let’s Make Mistakes #126: 👖💦

    Mike and Jessie talk to Scott Simpson about quitting your job to become a stand-up comic. (Episode contains crying.)

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