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  1. Many Younger Facebook Users ‘Unfriend’ The Network : NPR

    Some younger users of Facebook say that using the site often leaves them feeling sad, lonely and inadequate. A new trend is emerging among these most intense of digital users: Many in their teens and 20s are leaving the social network altogether.

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  2. How Much Is A ‘Like’ On Facebook Worth For A Company’s Share Price? : All Tech Considered : NPR

    Companies that provide financial data are increasingly interested in our "likes" and tweets. A Ph.D. student recently studied how positive social media mentions are linked to stock market performance, and came up with some interesting results.

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  3. Social Media Advice: When To Wish Happy Birthday? : NPR

    Social media experts Baratunde Thurston and Deanna Zandt answer questions about how to behave in the digital age. This week’s topic: When a person has hundreds, perhaps even thousands of friends on Facebook, what’s the rule for wishing them a happy birthday?

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  4. Pizza Delicious Bought An Ad On Facebook. How’d They Do? : Planet Money : NPR

    What happened when two guys who sell pizza out of a window in New Orleans decided to buy a Facebook ad —€” and what it says about the state of social-media advertising.

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  5. For $75, This Guy Will Sell You 1,000 Facebook ‘Likes’ : Planet Money : NPR

    People are gaming Facebook’s system. That could hurt the company’s business prospects.

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  6. Tim Berners-Lee on the rise of walled gardens

    Inventor of the world wide web says that throughout the history of the internet, people had been concerned about the emergence of apparently dominant giants.

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  7. Tim Berners-Lee on internet data and privacy

    Inventor of the world wide wide talks about the potential misuses of personal information by companies, organisations and governments.

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  8. Facebook May Not Be So Friendly For Those With Low Self-Esteem : Shots - Health Blog : NPR

    They complain a bit more than everyone else, and they often share their negative views and feelings when face to face with friends and acquaintances. Researchers wondered whether those behavior patterns would hold true online.

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  9. Breaking Down Walls, a Decentralised Social Web?

    The web is founded on open, decentralised principles. This means anyone can build a site that can link to any other, without any need for proprietary technology. No one owns e-mail, usenet or http, but social services like Facebook and Twitter are—for the most part—silo’d businesses with their own networks and proprietary APIs. You can join them together in code, but they’re not in any way ‘interoperable’.

    This panel will explore why large and centralized seems to dominate, whether it’s a bug or a feature. We’ll take a critical eye at new attempts at building distributed social web products like Diaspora. We won’t be focusing on the technical specifications as much as the end user experience and the business models that could support them. If a distributed service wouldn’t be fun, easy to use or profitable, then is there really any point in building one…?

    Evan Prodromou, CTO, StatusNet Inc

    Founder and creator of the StatusNet open source social platform, Evan is the co-chair of the W3C’s working group on federated social web technologies.

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  10. PodOmatic | Podcast - 2SER’s Razors Edge - Is it really worth that much?

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