Australia’s pathway to a low carbon economy (Podcast)

A new initiative called the Integrated Carbon Pathways project is being spearheaded by CSIRO to help create – rather than close

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  1. Sustainable decisions: researching Australia’s future (Podcast)

    CSIRO is spearheading a new national scientific capability to inform on Australia’s shift to a prosperous, sustainable, lower carbon, climate adapted future.

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  2. Senator Christine Milne on the carbon tax - Late Night Live - 11 April 2011

    At the weekend the gas industry began a campaign to get itself exempted from the carbon tax on the basis that gas is cleaner than coal. The second in a series of conversations about the proposed carbon tax.

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  3. BBC OnePlanet on Australia’s carbon tax

    Australia unveils plans for one of the world’s biggest carbon-trading schemes. Prime Minister Gillard intends to slap a $24 tax on every ton of carbon emitted by the nation’s companies. We’ll hear ask a leading voice in the business world whether this should be a global model?

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