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  1. One-On-One Conversations: Ingrid Burrington and James Bridle

    The first in this series features James Bridle and Ingrid Burrington, discussing "The Black Chamber". As technology advances and becomes increasingly networked and integrated with our daily lives, it tends towards a greater invisibility, a seamlessness and an unreadability. From the Cipher Bureau to Room 641A, from the datacenter to the iPhone, from the drone command module to the shipping container, the black boxes of the network litter the contemporary landscape. Unable to see inside them, we construct fantasies about their use, develop new ways of thinking about them, and attempt to probe them through techniques legal, technical, and magical. Eyebeam Residents Ingrid Burrington and James Bridle will explore the aesthetic and imaginative space of the black box, and outline some of their own practices for approaching them. http://anything2mp3.com/

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  2. Atoms are hard

    Dan Williams wades through the trough of disillusionment of the Internet of Things.

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  3. SXSW 2012: The Ultimate Bruce Sterling Talk

    This is Bruce Sterling’s closing talk from SXSW 2012 Interactive.

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  4. Slavoj Žižek – The Wire or the clash of civilisations in one country | Backdoor Broadcasting Company

    Event Date: 24 February 2012 Clore Management Centre Birkbeck, University of London Malet Street London WC1E 7HX The Birkbeck Institute for the


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  5. Douglas Coupland & William Gibson - Key West Literary Seminar Audio Archives

    Douglas Coupland and William Gibson discuss culture, technology, and the craft of writing. Communications technologies are a global memory prosthesis, says Gibson, and aspire to an experience in which distinctions between the "virtual" and the "real" are dissolved. We are already the borg, Gibson says.


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  6. Chris Rock & Alec Baldwin

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  7. Adam Lisagor interviewed by Merlin Mann


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  8. Tues 11.01.11 | Rethinking Ecology | Against the Grain: A Program about Politics, Society and Ideas


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  9. The Friday Podcast: How Fear Turned A Surplus Into Scarcity : Planet Money : NPR

    The mystery why there was a global rice shortage and ever-increasing prices, all while countries were hoarding rice.


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  10. Brainy Gamer Podcast - Episode 34

    This edition of the show features an in-depth discussion of L.A. Noire with Tom Bissell (Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter) and Brian Taylor (Kill Screen, GamePro). Spoilers abound, but only minor plot points are revealed. I think you can listen to this discussion and still fully appreciate the game as a newcomer. In fact, you might even appreciate it more. Segment 2 features a conversation with Leigh Alexander. We discuss a range of topics, including how she prepares for a big event like E3; the impact of social networking on our lives; and how she manages working in an…


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