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  1. How to program independent games

    On April 1, 2011, I was invited by UC Berkeley’s Computer Science Undergraduate Association to come give a speech. This was pretty interesting because that’s where I went to school, and I was once a member of the CSUA. I approached it this way: if I were going back to speak to my undergraduate self, what would I say to help him be most effective at making video games, programming-wise?

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  2. Hanselminutes Podcast 199 - How Craigslist Works - with Jeremy Zawodny

    "… I chat with Jeremy Zawodny, a developer at Craigslist on how the system is put together. How many servers do they have? How does it all fit together and what are the major technology problems they have to solve?"

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  3. InfoChimps Founders talk about handling large data-sets, Mentorship & the importance of Pitching your business

    "… I sat down with the Founders of, Flip Kromer, Dhruv Bansal and Joseph Kelly. We talked about handling massive data sources and large structured data-sets, the mentorship they received from Capital Factory and how it helped them get to where they are today. We also talked about the critical importance of pitching your business and the process they went through to do it right!"

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  4. Episode 3: A Little Bit of Python (mp3)

    A Little Bit of Python is an occasional podcast on Python related topics with Michael Foord, Brett Cannon, Jesse Noller, Steve Holden and Andrew Kuchling. We still don’t have our own website although that is due to land any day now. Meanwhile episode 3 has just gone live. The topics covered include the Python transition to using Mercurial, the release of the first alphas of Python 2.7 and the furore caused by comments on the Python Package Index.


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  5. The Dev Show 1:

    • Go
    • 9 Most Common IE Bugs and How to Fix Them
    • Faster Loading Through Eval()
    • Python Moratorium
    • Top Up
    • jQuery 1.4 ReleasedjQuery version 1.4 has been released!
    • jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
    • The 14 Days of jQuery
    • jQuery 1.4 and Malformed JSON « Katz Got Your Tongue?
      • 35 Excellent Ecommerce User Interface Designs
    • Mongo DBMongoDB (from "humongous") is a scalable, high-performance, open source, schema-free, document-oriented database.
    • Home - MongoDB - 10gen Confluence
    • Obvious Hints: Benchmarking MongoDB VS. Mysql
    • How This Web Site Uses MongoDB
    • Why I think Mongo is to Databases what Rails was to Frameworks // RailsTips by John Nunemaker
      • 280 North’s Atlas goes in to beta
    • 5 Damn Easy Ways To Improve User Experience
    • Think of emails as views delivered through SMTP
    • 10 Useful Tools for Finding the Perfect Domain Name
    • Firebug 1.5.0 Released
    • Cross Site HTTP Requests in Firefox


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  6. Python Language Moratorium / Python 2.7 End of the Line?

    A round-table discussion of the moratorium on Python language development and whether Python 2.7 will be the last of the 2.x series.


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  7. Web Axe Episode 75: Jeremy Keith interview, Google Wave

    Web Axe is a podcast and blog on practical web design accessibility tips.

    This week, Ross interviews Jeremy Keith; Dennis and Ross discuss news, articles, and Google Wave.

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  8. Ian Forrester

    BBC Backstage is the umbrella term for an evolving set of feeds and APIs that the BBC has been offering since 2005. In this conversation, Ian Forrester updates Jon Udell on what progress has been made, and what obstacles remain, as the BBC navigates toward its digital future.

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  9. Interviews with Two Interesting iPhone Developers: Padraig Kennedy and Pete Schwamb

    Padraig Kennedy on decoding iPhone backups

    The first interview is with Padraig Kennedy, author of a very useful iPhone/iPod Touch backup decoder. Have your customers run it to get you their app-state to help track down bugs, or use it to just mess around and see what kind of info and data the apps and Apple have got stashed on your phone.

    Pete Schwamb on analyzing audio to tell the temperature

    The second interview is with Pete Schwamb, creator of an app that can tell you the temperature by analyzing the sounds of crickets chirping by using a Fast Fourier Transformation on audio captured by the microphone.


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  10. StackOverflow #62

    "… In this episode of the Stack Overflow podcast, Joel and Jeff discuss software updates, the power of APIs and plugins, and leading by example."

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