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Chris Heilmann’s talk introduces Yahoo technologies that startups can benefit from (YQL, YUI, Design Patterns) and interviews David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals about their new book Rework for the YDN Theatre.

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  2. The – solved – mystery of the disappeared Yahoo Notepad

    Yahoo has recently decided to update its services. I don’t actually like Yahoo new graphics and the GUI but this is really marginal.

    The real problem with this Yahoo services upgrade is represented by many users who were not able to find the Notepad service previously offered into the Yahoo email.

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  3. Listen to the Podcast

    Luke Wroblewski’s ZURBsoapbox: Listen to LukeW’s podcast 42 minutes, all of which are excellent. Subscribe: iTunes RSS ‘…he lit it all on fire in front of them.’ LukeW’s no stranger to lighting fires – as Senior Director of Product Iteration at Yahoo! Luke overseas the world’s most trafficked web page, the Yahoo! homepage.


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