Breaque – Hausaufgabe 09 |

What is house? You just might find out within the following 63 minutes of Hausaufgabe. This is the last installment of 2011, and I’d like to thank everybody

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  1. dirtylaundre sessions – No.65 |

    Chilled and beatless, maybe just a little. Sometimes I enjoy the Quiet. Could have added a bit more spoken word in there but I just left it with more air.

    —Huffduffed by lamnatos 2 years ago

  2. The Magic of the Mixtape | WBEZ

    Call us nostalgic, or sentimental, or maybe just old but there’s just something about a regular music fan’s thoughtfully crafted mix tape.

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  3. The Mixtape #18: The Mixtape Christmas Special

    Yep, Christmas. Have a merry one.

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