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  1. Learning to Make Radio with theTransom Story Workshop

    The Transom story workshops train people from around the globe in the craft of radio. We hear examples of the stories the students have found, with Mindy Todd and guests on The Point: Jay Alison, Radio Producer and founder of, Rob Rosenthal, Transom Story Workshop’s Lead Instructor and Sarah Reynolds Associate Instructor.

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  2. Walking Across America: Advice for a Young Man

    At age 23, Andrew Forsthoefel, set out to walk across America, 4000 miles, with a sign on him that said, "Walking to Listen." It’s an epic journey, a coming of age story, and a portrait of this country. Co-produced with Jay Allison.

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  3. What’s Cooking: A Portrait of the Kitchen Sisters - Part One

    West coast-based radio production duo, the Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) have developed one of the most distinctive signatures in broadcasting. They’re one-off features and ambitious series projects - such as the Twin Towers Sonic Memorial Project, Lost and Found Sound and Hidden Kitchens - have become part of the regular diet on NPR’s All Things Considered and in countless syndicated forms.

    Part one of this two-part series brings urbane Davia and motherly Nikki out from behind their microphones for a self-penned radio portrait that offers a rare glimpse into the world of the Kitchen Sisters.

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  4. Retraction | This American Life

    Regrettably, we have discovered that one of our most popular episodes was partially fabricated. This week, we devote the entire hour to detailing the errors in "Mr. Daisey Goes to the Apple Factory," Mike Daisey’s story about visiting Foxconn, an Apple supplier factory in China. Rob Schmitz, a reporter for Marketplace, raises doubts on much of Daisey’s story.

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  5. SO CRAZY IT JUST MIGHT WORK | This American Life

    A few years ago a cancer researcher named Jonathan Brody gave a speech at his alma mater saying that people in his field really needed to think outside the box to find a cure.

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  6. Listen to Jay Allison’s Benediction from the PRPD Conference

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  7. Weekend America: Faux Bono

    Faux Bono : This weekend promises a groovy pre-inaugural concert. Crossing the stage in front of the Lincoln Memorial will be performers including Beyonce, Garth Brooks, Herbie Hancock, and, yes, Bono. But not the not-Bono. Did you know Bono has a doppelganger? He can be found not at the Lincoln Memorial, but in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

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  8. What has Steve Jobs left behind? | Marketplace From American Public Media

    Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple Computer, has died at age 56. In talking about Jobs, there’s a tendency people have to talk about their own lives through the technologies that Jobs developed. That’s what we’ll explore today.

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