Chris Watson: A Journey South

Chris Watson journeys to the South Pole for the forthcoming David Attenborough series “The Frozen Planet” (BBC, 2011). Here he reports back with his experiences…


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    This week, we’re joined by special guest Stephen Hackett. We talk getting work done on an iPad, revisit Siri and speech impairments, OS X’s accessibility features, the usefulness of accessibility for everyone, Touch ID as accessibility, and the influence of accessibility on gaming.Show NotesThe Prompt 24 — Discussion on using the iPad for work“Touch ID” — Dr. Drang on Touch ID accuracy over time“On Touch ID and Accessibility” — Steven on Touch ID’s potential as an accessibility tool

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    In this weeks episode Kevin and Jonas talk about Apples Ping, Commenting Systems, and Touch Devices. Links coming soon…

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  3. Touch Radio 72 | Bells!

    Recorded in the belltower of St. Mary’s Church, Walthamstow on 30th November 2011. With thanks to Denis Hewitt & Ewan Marshall.


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