The West Desert

"One thing I will say is that my intention was to piss people off, which may be the main reason it never played on a national program. Listen to it if you want."

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  1. The Hitchhiker

    Scott hitchhiked across the transom the 1983. It is something of a public radio legend. He left a failed marriage in Salt Lake City and spent several weeks thumbing his way east, carrying a tape recorder and a microphone, until he arrived at National Public Radio in Washington, DC and, with the help of Weekend All Things Considered, made a piece about his journey.

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  2. Lafayette Square Park

    Here’s a piece Scott made soon after he got to Washington. He spent several months hanging with the mostly homeless protesters living across from the White House in Lafayette Square Park.

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  3. Prisoner of Zion - Hearing Voices

    Scott Carrier presents his stories on religious fundamentalism, from Afghanistan and America, 2001-2011.

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