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  1. The Magic of the Mixtape | WBEZ

    Call us nostalgic, or sentimental, or maybe just old but there’s just something about a regular music fan’s thoughtfully crafted mix tape.

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  2. Gaze Deeply into My Crowdfunding Navel with Guest Glenn Fleishman (Episode 58) — The New Disruptors

    Guest host Jason Snell talks to regular host Glenn Fleishman about Glenn’s recent Kickstarter campaign to fund a book of non-fiction articles from The Magazine. Jason, host of The Incomparable and an editorial director at a major magazine firm, quizzes Glenn about failure, success, fulfillment (product and otherwise), and the reason we solicit funds from our fans, friends, family, and strangers.


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  3. 70Decibels - Write for Your Life - S03E08 - Sweating commas and writing for the web

    This week Iain is joined by Jason Rehmus, founder of Sweating Commas, a spiffy new ediorital service for bloggers and the like. Topics covered include the Sweating Commas subscription model and why you need to think professionally and check before you publish. There’s even a llittle time at the end to talk about pet peeves, which is always nice and cathartic.

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