Das philosophische Radio über Karl Marx mit Michael Krätke (Sendung vom 26.03.10)


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    Karl Marx’ Analyse des Kapitalismus ist nach wie vor aktuell: Er hat die Vampire ins Zentrum des heutigen Kapitalismus gestellt.


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  2. Marx in Soho

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  3. What would Karl Marx think? - Podcast version of the lecture, with question and answer session

    Commodities, capitalism and computers. At a time when the Berlin Wall has fallen but Wall Street is decidedly shaky, a self-described lapsed Marxist takes us through some of the key philosophical and practical ideas of Karl Marx and argues for what is still useful today. What is worth keeping in Marx? He had his limitations but later thinkers have built on his core concepts and used his methods to produce results that still speak to the changing nature of work in contemporary Australia. From http://www.abc.net.au/rn/philosopherszone/stories/2009/2713782.htm

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