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  1. The Online Education Revolution Drifts Off Course : NPR

    In 2012, "massive open online courses" were lauded as the most important trend in higher education. But this year, educators and even students rebelled against the rapid expansion of online learning. Two of the biggest MOOCs say they’re making big changes in how they deliver their classes in 2014.

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  2. Cory Doctorow on PRI’s the World

    Orwell, Huxley and the NSA. It came out well, I think.

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  3. By his things you will know him.

    The Institute for the Future commissioned me to write a story about the "Internet of Things," and I wrote them a piece called By His Things Will You Know Him, about death, networks, and computers. It’s part of an anthology called "An Aura of Familiarity: Visions from the Coming Age of Networked Matter," which we’ll be publishing on Boing Boing in the following weeks. The stories to come are from great authors including Rudy Rucker, Ramez Naam, Bruce Sterling, Madeline Ashby, and Warren Ellis.

    I read the story aloud for my podcast last week, and have been awaiting the chance to publish it — now that it’s live, here you are!

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  4. 009: The Briefs Trial with Rob Rhyne | Software Indie

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  5. in beta #12

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  6. Tim Anderson, Bay Area DIY superhero | KALW

    Tim Anderson, Bay Area DIY superhero | KALW

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  7. MPU 007: LaunchBar Blackbelt « Mac Power Users

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  8. Guest DJ Joanna Newsom : NPR

    Joanna Newsom’s harp-driven story songs befuddle anyone trying to classify her music. On this edition of All Songs Considered Newsom talks about her latest CD, the enchanting Ys, and shares some of her favorite recordings. Hear selections from her new album, plus songs and artists that have inspired her over the years, like Van Dyke Parks, Sandy Denny and Randy Newman.

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  9. Guest DJ Moby : NPR

    All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen entered the studio for this guest DJ session with a carefully planned list of songs Moby wanted to play. But when the two sat down to record, they ended up ditching the list and playing whatever came to mind.

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  10. After Dark #8: After Back To Work 009 - 5by5

    After Dark #8: After Back To Work 009 - 5by5

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