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  1. This Week in Travel #43 - A Peek into the Cockpit - Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

    This Week’s Guest is Joe d’Eon of Fly with Me

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  2. Test Pattern 10: Another Show

    After Thank You for Calling! #12, Moisés and Tiffany Arment talk about the world of theatre (for longer than the episode they were really recording), covering The Little Mermaid on heelies to an all-female Glengarry Glen Ross.Do we have an Accidental Theatre Podcast on our hands here? No one’s using "ATP" for anything…right?

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  3. Travel to Portland, Oregon - Episode 230 - Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

    Thanks to host and guest for an informative and enthusiastic episode, which I just caught up to.

    My wife and I have been to Portland twice and really love the city and its surroundings.

    Based on our trips, I would like to add the following:


    Powell’s Books is worth a full afternoon, if not all day.

    On our last trip, we went twice.

    Enough said.


    On the south end of Forest Park (mentioned in the episode) is the much more developed Washington Park, which is home to several things worth seeing.

    On top of my wife’s list was the International Rose Test Garden.

    Roses are her favorite flower.

    Even though we missed the peak rose season, she was very impressed.

    The Japanese Gardens is outstanding.

    We didn’t have time to visit the zoo (one of my favorite things to do), but it looks to be top notch.

    Washington Park is about a mile west of downtown Portland and we will spend more time there on our next visit.


    On Saturdays, there are several craft fairs all within walking distance in downtown.

    IIRC, the whole thing is called “Saturday in the Park.”


    IMHO, Portland’s best day trip is the Columbia River Gorge, immediately east of the City along Interstate 84.

    First stop should be Crown Point/Vista House State Park.

    The views from here are outstanding.

    Heading east are dozens of waterfalls, ranging in size up to the renowned Multnomah Falls (640′ tall in two beautiful drops).

    Some of the waterfalls are drive-to, some require a short easy stroll, and some require a real hike.

    If you’re a waterfall fan like me (I live 90 miles from Yosemite Valley), this is the main reason to go.

    However, you can also visit Bonneville Dam, see wind surfers, etc.


    If you continue on to Hood River to spend the night, you can complete a 2-day loop around Mount Hood via Hwys 35 and 26.

    It’s a beautiful drive.

    You can do it one day, but I recommend at least two.


    If you want more waterfalls, head south to Salem, Oregon’s capital, then east a bit to Silver Falls State Park.

    This is another place I want to see again.


    Mount St Helens is an easy day trip….assuming your rental car doesn’t break as you get ready to leave.

    Then it becomes a LONG day trip.


    The Pacific coast west of Portlant has lots to see and do.

    The City of Astoria is worth a stop.

    The prettiest section has got to be Cannon Beach, which has several seastacks (massive rock islands just off the shore).

    The best view of Cannon Beach is from the headlands in Ecola State Park.

    This is where the locals and tourists gather to watch the sunset and see the fog roll in.

    If you’re into cheese, the head south an hour or so to Tillamook and its chees museum.


    Back to Portland.

    On our last trip, we took a dinner cruise on the Willamette River.

    The food was good, the price was OK, and the trip was interesting.

    However, we don’t need to do it again.

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  4. Travel to Hong Kong - Episode 233 - Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

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    The Amateur Traveler talks to Melody who has been living as an exchange student in Hong Kong. Melody tells us what to see in Hong Kong from the very western feeling Central neighborhood of Hong Kong island, the peak and the mid-level escalators to the more Chinese neighborhoods in Kowloon and the less populated New Territories. She also takes us out to some of the outlying islands like Lantau island with the Big Buddha & Po Lin Monastery, Cheung Chau Island with its famous bun festival, and the nearly uninhabited Po Toi island.

    We talk about the 10,000 Buddha Monastery and eat dinner on plastic stools in the middle of the Temple street night market. We explore the fish, flower, bird and jade markets. Melody recommends the Star Ferry for a great view of Hong Kong island, especially at night.

    For nightlife Melody recommends Wednesday and Thursday nights when ladies often get free drinks. Her favorite night spot is the Cavern and a famous one is the Fringe.


    right click here to download (mp3)

    right click here to download (iTunes version with pictures)

    Flight Simulator - Landing in Kai Tak, Hong KongSmall-Group Hong Kong Walking Tour: WW2 Battlefield Trail


    Ryanair Fined 3 Million Euros for Abandoning PassengersTravellers to be searched for pornAccountant becomes first person guilty of posting ‘menacing’ Twitter message after threat to blow up airport

    Show Notes

    Hong Kong Travel Guide from the Amateur TravelerCheung Chau Island Bun FestivalOctopus Card

    Olympic Terrace Suites – where we stayedThai Cambo – the Thai restaurant I couldn’t remember the name of in the episode

    Internet Resources



    Contributing to the Amateur Traveler

    iTunes… not so enhancedAudible free bookEgypt Photo TourThis Week in TravelThe Bible Study Podcast

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  5. Analog(ue) #1: Putting It Into The Universe - Relay FM

    On the first episode of Analog(ue), Casey and Myke talk about what it’s like to release a new project in to the world. Conversation spans from the beginnings of Neutral, the launch of and Casey’s ongoing battle with the ATP Showbot.

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  6. The Pen Addict #116: Scribbled Out - Relay FM

    Brad and Myke pick right back up where they left off, talking about new products, great people, and Kickstarter pens. Is the Nexus Pen legit? Why did the Scribble crash and burn? All of this, plus Brad’s floaty pen!

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  7. Inquisitive #1: Having Principles, with Marco Arment - Relay FM

    This week Myke is joined by Marco Arment. They talk about the development and testing process of Overcast, Marco’s take on opinionated design, his changing place in the podcast industry and his feelings about releasing the app to the world.

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  8. Connected #1: Mindset of 2001 - Relay FM

    Federico, Myke and Stephen discuss the origin and evolution of the iPod.

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  9. 5by5 | Tech Douchebags #21: The Slighted Salesperson

    Peter Cohen of iMore shares some ‘war stories’ from working at an Apple Authorized Service Provider, how he has no tolerance for those who treat him like an idiot, and what types of customers he enjoys dealing with and which ones he absolutely despises.

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  10. Gillmor Gang 08.15.14: What’s That Sound?

    The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, Dan Farber, and Steve Gillmor — struggle with the news and raw emotions of the death of Robin Williams and the Ferguson upheaval. The intersection of social and mainstream media is no longer the big story it once seemed to be.

    Instead, the speed with which technology, particularly mobile, has transformed not only the reporting but the actual arc of events has contributed to the deep impact on our emotional psyche. How social networks work to protect families, news media, and ordinary citizens from the abuse of trolling and worse is suddenly front and center.

    @stevegillmor, @dbfarber, @scobleizer, @kevinmarks, @kteare

    Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor

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