Web Weekly – Episode 27

http://webweekly.tv/2011/a-new-car/ In this weeks episode Kevin and Jonas are joined by Louis Stephens to talk about gaming and the web.

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  1. Nerdtalk – Entdecker fremder Welten

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  2. Brainy Gamer #38: State of Games I

    This is the first of several round-table conversations I’m hosting on the State of Games, an admittedly unwieldy topic, but well-timed, I think, in this transitional period for games and the game industry.

    In this edition I talk with Leigh Alexander and Brendan Keogh, two of the leading critical voices examining games and the culture surrounding them. We discuss the "ecology of games," play as communication, the culture wars, and why we need to "talk about the tree," among other topics.


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  3. Nathan Curtis - HTML prototypes

    Nathan Curtis of EightShapes uses HTML prototypes in his team’s design process. Using HTML, they test functionality and interactions in ways that are impossible while using static PDFs.

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