Web Weekly - Episode 20

http://webweekly.tv/2010/the-drupal-and-wordpress-showdown/ In this weeks episode Kevin and Jonas talk about Drupal vs WordPress.

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    In this weeks podcast Kevin and Jonas Talk about Drupal 7, Apples app store, SXSW, impact.js and much more. http://webweekly.tv/2011/a-new-web-for-the-year/

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  2. Podcast 74: Drupal Design Round Table

    Colleen Carroll, Nate Haug, Morten Heide (a.k.a. Morten DK), Susan MacPhee, John Albin Wilkens, and Jeff Robbins discuss designing and theming in and around Drupal. The panel discusses the current state of theming, the frustration designers can face when working with the CMS, Drupal design philosophies, and the upcoming Drupal Design Camp in Boston.

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  3. You are my inspiration


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