Chinese Capitalism

Global Sociology Lecture

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  1. A Second Look At Capitalism

    A big second look at capitalism. How it’s worked over time. How it hasn’t. And whether it’s run its course.

    For decades in the Cold War and before, the American conversation on capitalism was pretty well frozen. What do you want? Capitalism or Joseph Stalin? Capitalism or Cuba? Then the Cold War ended and capitalism got the field pretty much to itself.

    Off came the regulations and on came some high times, then, eventually, the crash, the Great Recession. And all kinds of questions.

    A new generation of thinkers is looking hard at capitalism again. Where it’s been. What it’s become. How it’s working – or not.

    This hour, On Point: a big second look at almighty capitalism.

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  2. 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism

    We may like or dislike capitalism, but surely we all know how it works. Right? Wrong. Today, most arguments about capitalism are dominated by free-market ideology and unfounded assumptions that parade as ‘facts’. This lecture in which Ha-Joon Chang will talk about his new book 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism| tells the story of capitalism as it is and shows how capitalism as we know it can be, and should be, made better.

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  3. Pop! (the left) #1: Clockwork, China, and Capitalism «

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