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NEW - Isaac Z. Schlueter, James Halliday, Mikeal Rodgers, Nuno Job, and Dan Shaw on Classes, Node.js Core, New Core Team Member, HTTPS, Domains, Streaming HTML Parsers, JSConf, Node Philly, JSConf Argentina, TacoConf, NodeConf, and Dinosaurs!


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  1. Drupal Voices 187: Alex Barth on Node.js and Express versus Drupal | Lullabot

    Alex Barth talks about Development Seed’s recent focus on using technologies like node.js, Express and CouchDB. He compares this Server-side JavaScript stack as best he can to what Drupal does with the LAMP stack, as well as how this node.js/Express approach is better suited for dealing with data-intensive web applications.

    —Huffduffed by roy 2 years ago

  2. Marak Squires | has been an important project for Marak Squires since 2006. Charlie Robbins describes it as "a full-featured I/O framework for node.js that enables a simple way to distribute your application across multiple node.js processes using the new EventEmitter2 API and leveraging the power of Crash-only software." In this technical discussion, Marak reviews both the history of, as well as both how it works and its specifications. Node.js experts and novices will find his discussion most illuminating.

    —Huffduffed by plhw one year ago

  3. Bryan Cantrill | Instrumenting the real-time web: Node.js, DTrace and the Robinson Projection

    "The third major semantic web revolution is node.js, following Java and Ruby. One programmer replaced 10,000 lines of production C code with 4,000 lines of node.js, and that’s just the beginning. Bryan Cantrill of Joyent, Inc. describes a new class of applications that will further revolutionize the real time web, especially mobile. "

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