SitePoint Podcast #109: Shopify with Cody Fauser

This week on the podcast we interview Shopify CTO Cody Fauser about the future of ecommerce, Shopify’s origins and growth, and Rails 3 controversies.

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  1. SO1E43 - Chris Nelson

    2:00 How MVC is shifting from server side to client side
    2:53 Backbone.js and CoffeeScript revolutionizing front end development
    4:35 Seamlessly structuring client side code with Backbone.js
    6:18 The origin of Backbone.js and why it fits naturally with Rails
    8:34 How CoffeeScript changed Chris’ approach to front end development
    9:00 CoffeeScript as a better syntax for JavaScript
    10:00 Where to begin? CoffeeScript for n00bs
    11:00 Jasmine: BDD for JavaScript
    11:42 Why Jasmine + CoffeeScript = crazy delicious
    12:30 The Beautiful Front End Code training course
    13:37 How Steve Jobs and the Apple IIe shaped Chris’ introduction to programming
    19:15 Chris’ interest in node.js
    20:20 Rails 3.1 asset pipeline for managing dependencies in JavaScript
    20:40 The npm_assets gem to add npm modules to your Rails asset path

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  2. 017 JSJ CoffeeScript with Jeremy Ashkenas

    Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:01:09 — 70.0MB) Panel Jeremy Ashkenas AJ O’Neal (twitter github blog) Charles Max Wood (twitter github Teach Me To Code Rails Summer Camp) Jamison Dance (twitter github blog) Joe Eames Tim Caswell Discussion CoffeeScript Backbone.js Underscore.js Pluralsight Document Cloud

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  3. Jeremy Ashkenas: Coffeescript Design Decisions (Full Frontal Conference 2011)

    Although limited by what’s possible to express in simple JavaScript, CoffeeScript tries to provide pieces of clear syntax that fit together in harmony. We’ll dive into the rationale behind some of CoffeeScript’s language choices to look at the trade offs involved, and both the why’s and why not’s.

    —Huffduffed by BenjaminParry 2 years ago