Forage vs Farm

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  1. Does NPR Have a Liberal Bias?

    This week, a full hour of highlights from our exploration of liberal bias and public media, which we conducted in March of 2011. Brooke talks to NPR listeners, pollsters, media watchers, and This American Life’s Ira Glass in search of an answer to the question: does NPR have a liberal bias?

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  2. Does NPR Does NPR Have A Liberal Bias?

    OTM takes up the question posed by Ira Glass last week on our show: Does NPR have a liberal bias? Brooke wrestles first with the (surprisingly hard to define) terms. What is liberal? What is bias? What is NPR? We then hear three different perspectives on NPR’s political leanings from political scientist Daniel Hallin, media researcher Tom Rosenstiel and recent conservative volunteer-listener Sam Negus.

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  3. How To Fight Racial Bias When It’s Silent And Subtle

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