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  1. RTÉ.ie Radio 1: Documentary on One - No Cure for Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn’s life was short and had many of the elements of tragedy for Mickey drank himself to death.

    In ‘No Cure for Mickey Finn’ Finn’s life is remembered by his family and his wife, Lena Ulmann.

    In a sense Mickey Finn has not been forgotten, his image decorates many of the pubs in Galway to this day.

    He was a fine musician. His music was improvised and flamboyant. He was photogenic and became a legendary character in the Galway of that era. He was sharp-tongued and quick-witted. He busked on the streets, became part of an emergent music scene centred around the Cellar Bar; one that spawned Mary Coughlan, Sean Tyrell and De Danann.

    The short life and death of Mickey Finn are emblematic to that time, a time when Galway began to expand; when people drank with no notion of the price that would one day be paid. ’

    No Cure for Mickey Finn’, tells his story, the relentless search for alcohol, through the memories of his family and his wife. But this is also a documentary about a time and place and about the symbiotic relationship between traditional music and alcohol and the consequent waste of this single life.


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  2. Tune of the Month: The Ashplant

    From Matt & Shannon Heaton, home of the Tune of the Month Podcast.

    This month’s Tune of the Month goes out to the gang at Simple Gifts Folk College in PA. We had a great time participating at this fine annual event over the Memorial Day weekend. We worked on this e minor reel, "The Ashplant" at our Rhythm and Style for Melody Players workshop, and managed a great group rhythm by the end of the class. Thanks, Pennsylvania (Matt’s home state) for having such style.

    Also, if you are seeking inspiration beyond the June tune, check out my friend Sue’s recent blog about practicing and flute playing. I think she sums things up better than I could: http://sueandstevelindsay.blogspot.com/2010/05/day-320-of-practice-lessons-from-lesson.html

    From http://tuneofthemonth.posterous.com/ashplant-june-totm-0

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  3. The Curious Ear: People First, Music Second

    The story of two Irish traditional music sessions; one in California, USA and one in Waterford, Ireland.


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  4. Radio Ballad #2: The Session

    In Radio Ballad #2 we explore the mysterious Irish music ‘Session’ - what’s really going on between the musicians, why do the tunes all have multiple names, and is an audience really necessary to a good session or not?

    Featuring interviews with the Morro Bay Irish Session, a group of musicians who have been meeting every week in Central California for 12 years to play tunes and enjoy the ‘craic.’

    Find a session near you—wherever you are in the world—at http://www.thesession.org.

    From http://www.radioballads.com/2010/02/radio-ballad-2-session.html

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  5. Chicago Fiddler’s Music Is a Hit in Ireland

    Irish-American fiddler Liz Carroll joins guitarist John Doyle on her latest CD, In Play. Her music made it from the American Midwest into the canon of Irish traditional tunes. Carroll talks to Melissa Block about the satisfaction of hearing her songs played at Irish fiddle sessions.

    From: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5232287

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  6. Pigeon On The Gate

    Music from the Sligo fiddler Michael Gorman, an out-of-copyright recording made in 1956 in cahoots with Margaret Barry on tenor banjo.

    1. Lord Gordon’s
    2. McFadden’s Fancy
    3. The Lark In The Morn
    4. The Broken Pledge
    5. Michael Gorman’s
    6. The Pigeon On The Gate
    7. McFadden’s Reel
    8. The Burnt Cabbage
    9. The Mountain Road
    10. The Strayaway Child
    11. The Chanter Song
    12. The Woman Of The House
    13. The Boys Of Ballisadare
    14. Bonnie Anne
    15. The Sligo Maid/Gan Ainm
    16. The Star Of Munster
    17. The Humours Of Lisnadare
    18. Roaring Mary/The Maid Of Castlebar
    19. Carracastle Lasses
    20. Jenny’s Welcome To Charlie


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  7. An interview with Steve Cooney

    Eight leading exponents of Irish traditional music brought an exquisite program of music to the Sydney Opera House under the umbrella of Masters of Tradition during the 2009 Sydney Festival.


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  8. Poll Ha’penny

    Jacqueline McCarthy playing Bobby Casey’s version of this hornpipe.


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  9. Maids of Mount Kisco/The Sligo Maid/The Swallow’s Tail

    A set of reels recorded in Tommy Doyle’s on May 7th, 2009.

    From http://bostonsession.blogspot.com/2009/05/tommy-doyles-050709.html

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  10. The Lark In The Strand

    Shannon Heaton teaches this lovely jig, breaking the tune down into short phrases.


    From http://www.mattandshannonheaton.com/totm.html

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