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  1. NerdCast #76: Shop Talk with Josh Clark: Creating Better Mobile Experiences - Inside the Nerdery

    This is an interview with Josh Clark to talk about the future of mobile. We had a chance to get him into our recording studio to talk shop about mobile software, and user experiences when he was visiting our campus.


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  2. 098: With Lyza Danger Gardner - ShopTalk

    This week we were joined by Lyza Danger Gardner.

    We talked about (roughly in order):


    12:33 Web Standards Killed The HTML Star, and Is Web Design Dead?

    21:40 Grunt is dead? What about Gulp?

    Q & A:

    27:04 I’m curious to know how we as a community are handling touch events on mobile devices at the moment? Specifically referring to dropdown/fly-out menus. Is there a popular jQuery/JS library you’d recommend?

    35:15 Every now and then, my job requires me to code an html email template. I usually have to look online to see what email clients can and can’t handle, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of contradictory answers. Is there a CanIUse.com for emails?

    40:05 Is it possible to (and how can one) avoid code redundancy / DRY violations when supporting non-media query browsers like IE8 and below during responsive design implementation?

    50:37 Can you explain a bit about what Compass is, how to use it, and what makes it so great?

    58:34 What are the benefits of having a responsive design vs a separate mobile site?


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  3. 5by5 | The Critical Path #106: Can Bitcoin Be Money?

    Horace and Moisés discuss the sudden decline of Bitcoin due to a crackdown in China, from the purpose of Bitcoin’s existence to the nature and concept of a functional currency. What do we hire currency to do?


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  4. Applications Are Holding Us Back with John Allsopp

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    In todays podcast, Jim speaks with John Allsopp about the struggles of getting beyond print, the idea of installable applications, the lightweight feeling of the web and embracing the constraints of the web as a strength rather than a limitation. We briefly discuss offline applications and how the native application paradigm is holding us back from reaching the full potential of the web.


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  5. Karen McGrane’s Closing Plenary at IA Summit 2013

    The IA Summit closing plenary tradition started in 2005 as a way to bring the Summit to an end withan inquisitive session looking to the future of our practice and practitioners. The selection criteria for the closing plenary speaker is simple but important: an interesting voice from within our community with something meaningful to say about the direction of the practice.


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  6. Blink and the Mobile Web is in Trouble with Paul Irish on The Breaking Development Podcast

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    Paul and Jim discuss Google’s transition from WebKit to Blink and then discuss why the mobile web is in trouble as well as what we can do to fix it.


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  7. Web Tools for the Open Web with Divya Manian on The Breaking Development Podcast

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    Divya and Jim discuss web tools for the open web, some of the tools that the Adobe Web Platform team has created, and some of the open source projects like HTML5 Please and HTML5 Boilerplate. We end with a brief talk of SVG and some of the SVG tools that Divya’s team is working on.


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  8. Jared Spool – Mobile & UX: Inside the Eye of the Perfect Storm Live! » UIE Brain Sparks

    This podcast is the recording of Jared’s keynote from UX Thursday Chicago.

    The world of web application design is expanding at a rapid rate. We’re now expected to design great experiences across a huge variety of platforms, from small screens to large displays. The flood of iPad applications and successful online businesses are showing our executives that design matters.

    Why is all this happening now? Where is it all going? UIE’s own Jared Spool will show you how four driving forces — market maturity, the emergence of experience, the Kano Model, and Sturgeon’s Law — are increasing the visibility and value of design in organizations everywhere. He’ll show you what the next generation of design teams will look like and how you’ll get there.

    Recorded: January, 2013


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  9. Mundane Computing with Josh Clark | The Breaking Development Podcast

    Fresh Squeezed Mobile is Breaking Development’s channel to get fresh ideas out there about mobile web development and design.

    This week Jim talks to Josh Clark where we discuss designing for devices that don’t have a rectangular slab of glass for touch interaction, un-social devices, and Internet connected refrigerators and so much more.


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  10. Karen McGrane – Adapting Your Content for Mobile » UIE Brain Sparks

    As more web capable devices hit the market, designers need to consider where and how their designs will be seen. Unfortunately, the same consideration isn’t always made when it comes to content. With design changing so much in a multichannel environment, content must be structured independent of how it will eventually look.

    Content touches all aspects of a design. Having presentation independent content allows for it to adapt to different screens and devices. Karen McGrane suggests that having the specifics of how the content will be structured in place first, allows for the freedom and flexibility to make the right design choices.

    Karen says that the advent of WYSIWYG editors shifted focus to the wrong things at the wrong time. Content took a backseat to the overall look of the design. Thinking about content first, over how it will appear, helps ensure you’re communicating the right message.


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